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Ücler Hartmetallhandel
Owner: Ücler Isik
Röntgenstr. 1
51145 Köln

Phone numbers

Tel.: 02203/1838384
Fax: 02203/1838300
Mobile: 01637952987
Email: info@hartmetallhandel.com

The easiest way to sell carbide metal:

Contact us.

In order to protect the environment we took it on us to collectscrap metal, recycle it nature-friendly and then sell it tocompanies that need it. We pay you bare money and take yourmetal which also scraps the transportation costs as we come topick it up. If the sold metal is of low quantity, then evensending it to us is possible.

Which amounts of scrap metal is being bought?

Many companies think that selling a low amount of scrapmetal is not worth it. This is a wrong assumption though as wealso buy these low stacks. Every kilogram helps to protect thenature so we pay attention to every single one. Also do not mix the carbide metal with the normal hard metal junk asmixing this makes it harder to assess the prices.

Date agreement:

You can call us under the no.: 01637952987.

If you are not able to reach us on the phone, then just leave a message on the voice mail.

We will call you back as soon as possible.


  • Phone:
             Tel.: 02203/1838384
             Mobil: 01637952987
             Fax: 02203/1838300
  • Email:
  • Address:
    Röntgenstr. 1
    51145 Köln